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SBE / DBE Certified

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"Building Stronger Communities Through Meaningful Engagement" 

Welcome to PDA Consulting Group, your trusted partner in creating thriving, inclusive, and sustainable communities through construction. At PDA, we are committed to forging lasting connections between small businesses, labor organizations, project owners, and the communities they serve.


With a focus on , community outreach, and prevailing wage monitoring and compliance, we aim to transform the construction industry and empower local communities.

Our mission is clear: to drive meaningful change by promoting collaboration and inclusivity within the construction sector. We believe that construction projects have the potential to be catalysts for positive social and economic transformation.


By fostering community engagement, promoting diversity, and ensuring fair wages, we empower local economies and
contribute to the well-being of all stakeholders.


Meet the founder

Pamela Penn, president

Breaking Barriers & Building Bridges with 30 Years of Advocacy for under-served and historically under-utilized businesses and community residents seeking to participate in Construction projects.

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Meet The Founder Pamela Penn.HEIC


Passionate Advocates for Community Empowerment

Behind the success of PDA Consulting Group stands a remarkable team of individuals, each
driven by a shared passion for community engagement and a commitment to making a
difference in the construction industry. Our diverse and dedicated team is the heartbeat of our
firm, tirelessly working to create bridges between construction and communities.
From our seasoned veterans with decades of industry experience to our energetic young talents
bringing fresh perspectives, our team combines a wealth of knowledge with an unwavering
dedication to our mission. Together, we navigate challenges, break barriers, and create
innovative solutions that empower communities, promote inclusivity, and foster lasting change.
With backgrounds spanning project management, labor relations, community outreach, and
compliance, our team brings a rich tapestry of skills and expertise to every project. We
understand that true transformation requires collaboration, transparency, and a deep
understanding of the unique needs of each owner, client and community we serve.



PDA’s project experience, knowledge, and our relationships, enable us to work as a team in delivering projects that draw community support.  We are committed to excellence and client satisfaction.

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